Dr Diversa

Dr. Diversa aims to directly link an anonymous individual seeking personal sexual help with a qualified health professional who can respond to questions and concerns. The goal is to create a safe space for sexual and reproductive health discussion on a peronsal yet anonymous level.

Dr. Diversa aims to promote healthy discourse with regard to an individual’s sexual and reproductivehealth. In doing so, the health rights of the inquiring individuals will be protected.

In many parts of the world, government officials, school principals, teachers and parents are not convinced of the need for sexuality education and are reluctant to provide it, because it is believed to promote sexual activity. In fact, no study to date has found evidence that providing young people with sexual and reproductive health information and education results in increased sexual activity.

It has long been recognized that countries that have a more open and positive attitude toward sexuality have better sexual health outcomes.

Sexuality education exposes young boys and girls to material that not only reduces their risk of unplanned pregnancy and disease, but also enlightens and empowers them to make good consent-based decisions about their bodies and lives.

Due to the different levels of access to comprehensive sexual and reproductive health education, we have decided to start this space facilitated by our medical professionals and allied health professionals within the organisation. We hope to enable people with a safe space that they can explore age-appropriate questions and answers to ensure they can have a safe and health sexual development or can support the safe and healthy sexual development of a minor in their care. With the the lack of knowledge about consent and the need to negotiate it, there’s an increase in sexual abuse resulting in teenage pregnancies and the continuance of girls dropping out of school.

We want to change this by providing comprehensive sexual and reproductive health education via art-based activities because we believe there are 3 main benefits to providing it: Prevention of sexually transmitted infections and blood born viruses; Reduction in unplanned pregnancy and contribution to eliminating adolescent pregnancy; and Empowerment against sexual violence and abuse through provision of consent education to children from an early age.

This project will give access to education or people regarding healthy sexual development and debunk myths about sexual and reproductive health education and initiatives.

More information coming soon...