Children's Rights

Educación DiversNiña

Empowerment is “the process of gaining freedom and power to do what you want or to control what happens to you”.

It’s hard for young girls today to understand what it really means to be a girl when society is always imposing stereotypes on them and social media is providing messaging that promotes bodies that are fake, photoshopped and simply unrealistic, which is leaving many girls feeling insecure.

The traditional and cultural barriers that are entrenched and social norms and attitudes against girls about their ability to lead and make decisions. It is important for girls to have the opportunity to engage in positive messaging about women that shows them the diversity of strengths women hold for them to have the power to make change. With the series of superhero girls, we’re trying to highlight empower girls to embrace their different strengths with their friends to contribute to making positive changes within their communities.

We want to change this and empower girls through this project to create change by first creating their superhero self and then working with us to make small changes within their communities with their new found powers. By enabling them to showcase their powers through the creation of their own superheroes we hope to promote gender equality to their communities and demonstrate the benefits that can be had from recognising the diverse range of strengths a group of girls can have.

In light of this idea, Educación Diversa launches the project Educacion DiversNinas.

This is a showcase of girls that break the sterotypical barriers imposed on them for being girls and work together with their friends using each other's strengths and skills to solve common everyday problems faced by girls. These characters encourage girls to work together to solve problems and to capitalise on each other's strengths rather than be envious and nasty as typically expereinced by many girls today as they grow up.

Empowering girls to make change through the creation of a series of girls with different powers that break the stereotypes imposed on girls because of their genders.