Women are Star

Engaging girls early can bridge the gender digital gap at an early age and we want to act on the mitigation of these biases and stereotypes. Using Art, we hope to increase the participation of girls and women in these areas of expertise, by getting them excited about these areas and keeping them aware that they can be and do whatever they want. The sky is not the limit and neither is their gender.

The OECD has studies showing the role of gender stereotypes in these careers where young students are as good as boys in hard sciences but still don't choose this path because of bias and stereotypes.

The Women are STAR project intends to start the integration of digital technologies in women’s and girls’ empowerment strategies. Also, it will create a win-win situation offering teachers and schools activities related to careers and gender equality for free in exchange for the collection of data by teachers of kids' perception while doing the activity.

This data will be an important tool to understand what are the gender data gaps in that environment and develop an educational toolkit fostering girl’s inclusion in the digital world. There is also a possibility to develop a policy brief to use the results of the survey and create recommendations targeting the achievement of SDGs.

More information coming soon...